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The Pitch

Ken Carr, who owns and produces @whatsuptucson, has been working in media for over thirty one years, and has been tweeting local Tucson news and information on @whatsuptucson for ten years. Ken’s media experience includes creating and producing content for social media, radio, and TV as well as performing as an on-air talent on radio and TV.

A decade of daily content has been created on Twitter that specifically focuses on the Tucson area. Traffic issues, speed traps, fires, floods, power outages, missing people, school lock downs, weather related content, the list goes on. There is also local event information, lost and found animals, yard sales, people selling event tickets, local businesses and non-profits seeking a wider audience, even the occasional person desperate for a date. It’s not all serious though… when amusing things happen, they get a dose of humor and personality.

Over 90,000 followers use @whatsuptucson as their go-to for finding out what’s happening in their local neighborhoods. Followers contribute their own eyewitness accounts of newsworthy events they see and experience around town. Every day, there are multiple photos, videos and tweets of news related events. These events are not hours old. They’re happening right now. That sense of immediacy translates into a devoted following.

Since it’s inception, there has not been one month in the ten year existence of @whatsuptucson where there has not been growth in follower numbers. The average increase of followers each month is 500.

Almost on a daily basis, some of Tucson’s biggest breaking news stories start on @whatsuptucson and it’s used as a news resource by newsrooms across the city. @whatsuptucson is also the most followed local news twitter account in Tucson by a significant margin.

Primary age demographic is 18-35, 50% female, 50% male. Followers are a highly engaged group who have supported this effort by contributing content and making monetary donations. Over 500 @whatsuptucson followers have donated over $5,000 in the last four months.

@whatsuptucson is a one man operation. Armed with two emergency scanners and a ridiculous work ethic, the devotion to this project has resulted in a strong enthusiastic fan base. You can reach this group with your branding campaign and an opportunity to increase awareness or sales for your business.

E-mail or call / text 520.977.1542 for information.

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