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The What’s Up Tucson Dollar A Follower Day - THANK YOU!

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Number of followers that donated: 119

Total amount donated: $711

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Hello! I’m Ken Carr, the guy behind the Twitter account @whatsuptucson. I’m here to tell you about the What’s Up Tucson Dollar A Follower Day on Friday May 31.

The first Dollar A Follower Day was a huge success with 470 people donating. I do the work for What’s Up Tucson seven days a week and the expenses don’t stop, so once again I’m asking for your support.

Thanks to you and ten years of work, @whatsuptucson has grown into the most followed local Tucson news and information source on Twitter.

I'm one person doing the same kind of work as million dollar corporate news organizations that have dozens of people on staff.

Since February, at the suggestion of a number of What’s Up Tucson followers, I’ve been working on this project full time because you’ve told me that the information provided every day is important to you.

I’ve attempted to be transparent to everyone about what’s up with What’s Up Tucson. With that in mind, here’s what has happened in the last few months:

—What’s Up Tucson has seen significant growth in followers. Now at 92,500… breaking 100,000 seems like a realistic possibility. In addition, it’s exploded in impressions — from about two million a month to over five million a month. The engagement is mind blowing! It’s a reflection of the additional time and effort available to put into the content and how it continues to grow in importance in the community. Monetizing has also resulted in money generated for the first time in it’s decade long history.

—It is not generating enough income related to the hours now put into it to make it a full time venture or support a full time employee (me!). It’s getting pretty close though! It’s not from a lack of effort, I’m on duty day and night seven days a week.

The donations that hundreds of people have put into What’s Up Tucson so far has been amazing, as well as the businesses that have purchased ads. A huge thank you for the funding that allows me the time that would normally be a nine to five job to concentrate on the work for What’s Up Tucson. I hope you’ve appreciated the improvements in content and graphics.

I look at like this: If you like or want what you get from What’s Up Tucson, support it. If you don’t care, I’ll have to give up and do something else. It’s really a choice you get to participate in as far as What’s Up Tucson’s future and growth.

I got an outstanding suggestion in April from What’s Up Tucson follower @vs_1fan (thanks for the input!) that I have a single day focused event each month to request donations… a dollar from every follower. Thus, the idea was born…

I’m asking for your support and donation on “Dollar A Follower Day”.

Over 92,000 people follow What’s Up Tucson. If everyone who follows donates one dollar this project would be funded for a long time to come.

You can contribute a dollar through one of the ways listed below. If you feel it’s worth more than that to you, whatever amount you decide upon will be appreciated.

Your support of @whatsuptucson insures it continues as a one-of-a-kind source of local Tucson information. What’s Up Tucson is where Tucson finds out what’s up!

Thank you. I appreciate you.