August WUT update


I wanted to share what’s up with Whats Up Tucson.

As you are likely aware, this is a full-time endeavor for me. I work on WUT content whenever I’m awake. That includes monitoring the two police scanners I have, looking for info when questions are asked about incidents around town, and being as responsive as I can to your tweets and DMs as fast as I can.

I’ve tried various combinations of monetizing Whats Up Tucson. The two that have been most successful are donations from followers and offering ads. About 75% of the monthly revenue that has been earned have come from donations.

It doesn’t make sense for me these days to do this for free with the amount of hours I invest into WUT each month. It’s easily over 300 hours of time spent. Since I’m not a lottery winner or wealthy by some other means, I have to make money at whatever I do.

I originally wanted to shoot for a goal of making minimum wage doing the work on Whats Up Tucson but that hasn’t been attainable. Arizona minimum wage is $11 an hour and that would require over $3,300 a month in income. While people are very generous with their money, it’s been about half that each month average.

I’m a realistic guy. I have thought more than once about shutting it down and spending the time doing something more lucrative, but I feel like there’s a large number of people who like the content but have also invested in it so far. I feel like the right thing to do is stick with it.

I’ve decided the best approach after months of working on this, is to set a realistic goal each month and ask for donations until I hit it. I can live with $5 an hour — that’s $1,500 a month. I’ve been able to hit that most months and it seems to be what it’s worth to the people who follow.

I’ll start each month on the 1st with the push to $1,500 — and continue until I hit it. Then, you get a break from the asking until the beginning of the next month. The faster I get there, the less days you get asked. I hope that seems fair. I’m sure what would be most preferred is not being asked at all, but until I stumble upon some genius plan to make piles of cash from WUT that doesn’t require donations, we’re at where we’re at.

I’m 1/3 of the way as of this writing to the August $1,500 goal. If you have an unused buck or two lying around, you can contribute by going to I hope you find the content on WUT helpful or useful or entertaining, and the investment to keep it going at the level it’s at seems like a worthwhile investment for you.

Thank you for your continued support of Whats Up Tucson. As always, I appreciate you!

P.S. If you don’t want to donate, you still get the content for free. I just hope I don’t end up facing the decision one day whether to turn it off if it doesn’t make financial sense to continue. That’s not a threat, just reality.

Ken Carr