Sponsorship update


I want to update you on the latest for Whats Up Tucson.

As you likely know, I’ve been monetizing WUT since early 2019. It’s been an adventure!

There have been two successful ways to generate revenue at this point: Donations and selling ads. About 75% of the monthly revenue generated has been from donations, the remaining 25% from ads (although that has been decreasing over the last several months even though WUT has still been growing in followers).

I’m at the point with Whats Up Tucson where I have to have it generate money. It’s an 80 hour a week job for me. Endless hours of monitoring the two emergency scanners I own (one of which I take with me in the car when I’m driving somewhere), researching things going on, and WUT is interactive so I answer every question I can and respond to many tweets and DMs every day.

I spent ten years doing WUT as a hobby and in order to make it what it is now, it’s required a monster time commitment. I’m happy to make it a job but like most people who work, I’m not financially wealthy enough to do something that requires this kind of time commitment without some income from it.

I’ve gotten a ton of feedback about the ads on WUT and one thing is clear: You want more. As in, I’ve been told over and over that if I give you more for your money you’d pay more and be more likely to buy. So starting today (Oct. 10), I’m offering a revamped ad product: The 24 hour ad sponsorship.

Here’s what I’ve put together: When you buy a 24 hour sponsorship, you’re the exclusive (as in only) sponsor for that 24 hour period. You get a tweet that is pinned on the WUT profile page at midnight and stays there until 11:59 p.m. You’ll also get that tweet retweeted twice, in the morning between 8am-noon, and again late afternoon / early evening to put it back at the top of everyone’s news feeds so it’s seen by the late tweeting crowd.

I’m offering the 24 hour sponsorship for $69 per day.

I hope it takes off. My goal has been to make $5 an hour from the work on Whats Up Tucson each month and I’ve only hit that once. Most of the time it’s closer to around $3. About the same as if I worked in a factory making sneakers!

I only need to sell five days of sponsorships each month to match what I’ve been hitting with ads in recent months.

Thanks for reading, and to see exactly what is offered with the sponsorships, go to https://whatsuptucsonaz.com

Thanks for reading this! I appreciate you.

—Ken Carr

Ken Carr