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Hello! It’s your favorite person in the whole world (I like to pretend that I am, indulge me)… Ken Carr. This week is my birthday week! (July 2).

Storytime: Thanks to the love and support of a whole lot of people, since February I’ve been able to spend about 80 hours a week on the best project I’ve ever done: The local Tucson news and information social media channel Whats Up Tucson on Twitter. 2019 marks the ten year anniversary of WUT!

The significant level of work on this project continues thanks to the support of all of you who are my friends, the community, and people who find it useful. Thank you for being so amazing with your support and donations that keep this going.

Since it’s my birthday, I want to eat. Here’s your excuse to make a donation (you needed an excuse, right?) — anything is appreciated. Except a bomb. I don’t want a bomb. If I ate a bomb, it would give me an upset stomach. Money good, bomb bad.

Thank you for being so wonderful. I appreciate you. And Happy Birthday to me!

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Google Pay: ken@helloken.com

Apple Pay: 5209771542

Zelle: 5209771542

Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover: https://whatsuptucsonaz.com/pay